Activision reveals Skylanders holiday offerings

This week, Activision revealed a number of new Skylanders products coming out for the holidays and beyond.  Perhaps the biggest announcement is that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year will include a giant balloon of fan favorite character Eruptor.  He joins Pikachu and Sonic as the third ever balloon of a videogame character in the parade.  A drawing of the balloon can be seen in the official advertisement for the parade:

Macys---Parade-JPEG (1)

Back down to earth, a number of new products will be released in the near future.  The first is Eon’s Elite Whirlwind, the fourth figure in the premium line.  The Eon’s Elite figures feature a metallic paint job and improved in-game abilities, and come in collector-friendly cases.  Whirlwind follows Spyro and Chop Chop who were released earlier this month, and Trigger Happy who will be released on Black Friday.  Whirlwind is expected to release on December 6th, with a retail price of $24.99.  For those seeking something a bit more festive, Activision will be releasing another Christmas-themed Skylander this year in the form of Winterfest Lob-Star.  Like last year’s Jolly Bumble Blast, this figure will sport a festive color scheme both physically and in the game, but will play just like the normal version of Lob-Star.

There are a number of non-videogame-related Skylanders products coming in the near future as well.  The line of FunPlay HideAway play sets, which are designed to work with the actual Skylanders game figures, will be expanded to include Dr. Krankcase’s Lair from Skylanders Trap Team.  New Mega Bloks sets are also in the works, for those preferring a different type of play, as well as the Skylanders A-Z Box Set.  This set contains two new books, along with a couple of other nice things to keep the kiddies entertained.  Perhaps most interesting, though, are the new Micro Comic Fun Packs.  In addition to including short comics as they always have, these new ones will feature traps for Skylanders Trap Team with unique color schemes.  It seems that they will not have any new functionality, though.  All of these products are currently available, so Skylanders fans should plan their Black Fridays accordingly.