REVIEW / The Marvelous Miss Take (PC)


The Marvelous Miss Take is a fun game. It is not a game that you will probably recommend to all of your friends, but it will offer you a unique taste of the stealth genre. You have no weapons to protect yourself from the guards, forcing you to use your brain, your most powerful tool.

You are Sophia Take, the heir to priceless paintings left to you by your grandmother. The priceless paintings have been taken and it is now your responsibility to reclaim what is yours. The Marvelous Miss Take is a fun top-down stealth game that is simple and addictive. Initially, you are placed in your house, which serves as a main hub with plenty of locked doors. As you collect the treasures that were stolen from you, more of your house opens up and gets decorated by the beautiful paintings that you collect. You will run into other characters throughout the game, which may become playable characters later on. Unfortunately, that is about all we get for a plot.




This game is beautiful. It is colorful and smooth, causing you to feel like you are in a child’s picture book. The choice to use cell-shading is never a bad idea, because it makes the visuals all that more appetizing and timeless. The sound design is also oddly enjoyable, because it feels groovy yet classy. It plays on the typical sounds of a thief or spy movie with a unique and flamboyant taste.

The gameplay is honestly my least favorite part of The Marvelous Miss Take. While it may be fun, it is too simple and repetitive. It would play much stronger on a mobile device due to its short level design and its pick-up-and-play feel. Your mouse controls movement and item use via point-and-click. As you sneak from corner t0 corner, the guard’s area of sight is represented by a white beam. You can whistle, run, and throw certain objects to sneak around guards. This game can be difficult, forcing you to use your best judgement to outsmart the guards. When you are sighted by a guard, you may try to escape them by running and hiding. If you are caught, you must restart the current floor.




There is plenty to do in the game to scratch your completionist itch. You receive extra points for finishing each level quickly, encouraging you to come back to each level to complete the game. There are also pieces of art that are displayed in glass cases that are optional, requiring you to break the glass which alerts the guards to your location.

The implementation of additional characters allows you to play the game with a fresh feel each time you replay it. All characters are different in terms of their abilities. For example, one character may be able to sprint, while another cannot. All the additional characters in this game feel completely different, which adds a nice bit of variety to a simple game.




You will be presented with new obstacles as you progress. There will be cameras that alert guards to your location and guard dogs that can sniff you out. It gets increasingly difficult, forcing you to think outside the box. You are your own worst enemy, because failure is always your fault. The controls are tight and responsive, while the enemy AI is unpredictable and intelligent.

Each level is short, lasting only about 2-4 minutes. You must sneak around guards to find valuable pieces of art. Once you have collected all the art pieces, you will need to find your way to the exit which brings you to the next part of the stage. Each level of the game is pretty similar to one another.




The Marvelous Miss Take is a fun game. But I cannot recommend grabbing this game for its current price of $19.99, because it feels more like a spectacular mobile game than a full-fledged computer game. The game tries to make up for its simple design by adding additional characters to spice up the feel of the game. Still, the sound and art style are spectacular. You should definitely consider picking this game up during a steam sale.

Simple, classy, and fun
  • 7.5/10
    - 7.5/10


+Fun and addictive
+Brilliant art and sound design
-Lack of variety