Upcoming closed beta for Star Trek: Alien Domain

Today, GameSamba announced that Star Trek: Alien Domain will have a closed beta test on December 1st, at 6 PM PST. Star Trek: Alien Domain is a free-to-play web-based game. It puts you in control of either a Federation or Klingon captain. It is your duty to explore the universe, establish colonies, defeat enemies, and expand your empire.

star trek

While there are only a handful of good Star Trek games, it is good to see that we will get an opportunity to see if this game is worth playing before it is released. The free-to-play price model is a welcoming invitation, as it is hard to turn down a free-to-play Star Trek game.

I am excited to see how the PVP model works. You will be able to raid player-controlled outposts, which if done correctly will be an insane amount of fun. While I am still a little skeptical of this game’s release, I cannot help but get a little excited for the promise of a grand Star Trek adventure.

star trek 2

To those of you interested in participating in the closed beta, you can visit here. Once on the website, you may take part in a quiz to win a chance of entering the closed beta.