GIVEAWAY / Write a Japanese poem, win Japanese candy!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners, @momo_nagisa, @redbuilding and @lucynguyener!




In your spare time, do you play video games? Do you eat snacks? Do you read the traditional Japanese poetic form of haiku made popular in the 17th century by two senseis of the senses, Matsuo Basho and Ueshima Onitsura? Then you are gonna love this contest, a jealousy-free ménage à trois of your part time passions.

We’re soliciting your best original video game-related haiku. Crafting a genuine haiku is a heck of a lot more complex than your High School English teacher led you to believe, so for the purpose of this exercise we will be accepting any short poems whose three lines follow the pattern of 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively and make mention of, or are related to, games or gamer culture. Three randomly selected poets will win a box of delicious Japanese candy and snacks delivered to their doorstep, courtesy of Skoshbox

To get those creative juices flowing as fast as your salivary glands, our staff has come up with a few examples. They may not be brilliant, but they are heartfelt seeing as they were inspired by a pure love of all things video game and not the chance of winning a tongue tantalizing prize. Read them over, along with the fine print on how to enter at the end of this post, before you put imaginary fude (Japanese calligraphy pen) to imaginary washi (Japanese paper):

a smashing good time
wait, what hit me from above?
meteor attack

-Arthur Damian

 the controversy
that the seventh is the best
final fantasy

-Albert Eres

it wants to hug you
it wants to live inside you
surprise, xenomorph

-Aaron Fronda

endless field of blue
helplessness settles in
another water level?

-Ken Kee

what does the goat say
goat simulator

-Noe Ponce

the hero of time
an epic quest in 3D
please shut up, navi

drink more overcharge
shouts giant talking balloon
i think i’ll decline

my shelf is filled up
but my wallet is empty
curse you skylanders

-Jake Sapir

searching through tall grass
battling trainers daily
gotta catch ’em all

aperture science
bring your daughter to work day
the cake is a lie

yellow spikey hair
patron of my kwik-e-mart
thank you, come again

-Cody Scaggs

stomp on those goombas
avoid all the bars of fire
sprint under bowser

-Aaron Yorke


Step 1: You have until 5:00 PM (EST) on Sunday, December 14th to leave your video game-inspired haiku in the comments section below along with your twitter handle. Be sure you’re following @ThatVGBlog on Twitter!

Step 2: Check back here on Monday, December 15th to find out who the three lucky poets are; @ThatVGBlog will also be direct messaging the winners, who will have 48 hours to respond with their mailing address.

Step 3: Sit back and wait for a taste of Japan to be delivered to your doorstep.