GoodGame – a YouTube web series on gaming culture

“Good game”. Whether you have won or lost, a gracious or humble online gamer should always utter these words at the end of a match. You get your butt kicked? “Good game”. Did you just hand your enemy a bittersweet defeat? “Good game” (but maybe with a snarky undertone).

However, there are also other instances where these words can be mentioned. Filmmaker Andrew Allen has been working on a web series about gaming and the culture that surrounds it that has appropriately been named GoodGame. There are already two episodes on YouTube that you can check out about Call of Duty and Alien: Isolation, both of which offer context for real world problems that some of you may have faced. Let’s just say, our relationships with our games versus significant others can come up as a point of contention quite a bit.

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The series is excellently done, and have some great humor that I think gamers will enjoy. And scrolling through the comments section (which you should never do!), there are some positive responses about the series thus far. Both episodes have almost 30K views in the short time the series has been uploaded.

Below you will find both episodes, and if you enjoy them, be sure to head over to their YouTube page and subscribe!

GoodGame on YouTube: