REVIEW / MX vs ATV Supercross (PS3)


For those who aren’t aware, MX vs ATV was formerly a THQ gaming franchise.  It was purchased by Nordic Games, who also picked up one or two of THQ’s other franchises during the bankruptcy.  If MX vs ATV: Supercross is any indication, Nordic Games has a ways to go when it comes to developing these other franchises.


The screenshot graphics are terribly misleading

The screenshot graphics are terribly misleading


I booted up the game and was immediately met with a surprise.  An extremely plain opening menu with generic music playing in the background.  For a moment, I thought I accidentally downloaded an old Playstation 2 game.  After realizing that the game I had indeed downloaded was MX vs ATV: Supercross, I proceeded to start playing.  After about twenty minutes in I realized there were several things wrong with the game.

The graphics alone leave much to be desired.  I checked out the screenshots before playing the actual game and they are terribly misleading.  Remember when I mentioned the opening menu that was reminiscent of Playstation 2?  Apparently this trend continues throughout the game as well.


They make turning look so easy.  I beg to differ.

They make turning look so easy. I beg to differ.


The gameplay itself, the one thing that is supposed to be MX vs ATV’s saving grace, fails to get the job done.  The vehicles were downright terrible when it came to handling and control.  I felt like it was a struggle to move in a somewhat synchronized fashion.  The turning mechanics were also not so good.  Every turn I made felt like a challenge.  I was fighting more often than not to prevent myself from wiping out.

The only real slice of innovation in the game seems to come through its customization, which isn’t half-bad, and the new gameplay mechanic.  In MX vs ATV: Supercross, the right stick is used for jumping and aiming.  Some people will get a kick out of this, but it isn’t enough to redeem the game for me.  The other two franchises picked up by Nordic Games are Red Faction and Darksiders.  Here’s hoping that they do them justice.

Maybe this one should have been buried along with THQ
  • 5/10
    - 5/10


+Customization is the only light in a dark, dusty tunnel
-Clunky controls
-Dated graphics
-Uninspired gameplay