Convoy available on Steam in February


Convoy is coming to Steam in February. Convoy Games, the Dutch developer behind the game, ran a very successful Kickstarter which reached 220% of its goal. With its February release to Steam set, the team is working hard at adding new features and polishing the game to offer the best experience they can dream up.

In this post-apocalyptic rogue-like squad based tactical mouthful, you control a convoy traveling across a planet which is controlled by three factions. Your goal? Finding the parts needed to repair your broken spaceship. Your other goal? Trying not to die to a multitude of threats that mean to bury you in this wasteland forever. Follow radio signals or encounter random events such as wreckage along the way and master tactical combat reminiscent of FTL, follow text based dialogue or even chance based role-play to successfully navigate this hostile planet.

Knowing that death is always imminent and completely permanent, every action could be your last. Faced with the three factions that control the planet, you will have to customize your units and explore with great caution to succeed. All the while, the three factions vie for control of the planet and they are getting stronger by the day. Not only that, but your presence could tip the balance for any of them, and they’ll all hate you for it. Keep up with their advancements or they’ll overwhelm you, as well.