Light and Dark elements coming to Skylanders Trap Team

Those playing the most recent Skylanders title might have noticed some peculiar things.  Mystery gates, enemies of unknown elements, and talk of secret portals suggested something new was coming to the game.  Now, Activision has confirmed that new toys will bring the Light and Dark elements to the game.  There will be a special Expansion Pack released for each element, available at Toys R Us starting this weekend and other stores some time later.  Each pack contains a Trap Master character, a trap, and a toy that unlocks a new level in the game.  Naturally, all of these are connected to the element, and the levels will feature new trappable villains for those shiny new traps.


In the Dark pack, you’ll find a centaur Trap Master character called Knight Mare and a level called Midnight Museum.  In the Light pack, you’ll find an angel Trap Master character called Knight Light and a level called Sunscraper Spire.  Little is known about the content of these stages at the moment, but with the packs coming out in less than a week, details should be revealed soon.  Activision also announced two new single characters for the game, a Dark dragon named Blackout and a Light dragon named Spotlight, but no release date has been given for them.

skylanders dark 2

The Dark Element and Light Element Expansion Packs will be available at Toys R Us on December 21st for $29.99.  They are expected to become available at other stores eventually, as well.