Subnautica hits Steam Early Access

Unknown Worlds, the team behind the competitive multiplayer game Natural Selection 2 , have announced that their upcoming underwater exploration and construction title, Subnautica, is now available for purchase through Steam Early Access.

In Subnautica, players crash land on an alien planet and are tasked with surviving in the depths of its expansive oceans by constructing life support systems, submarines, exploring, and defending themselves from hostile sea creatures.

The developers have promised that Early Access will be a platform through which the world of Subnautica will become “larger, deeper and more striking, creatures more diverse and intelligent, loot, crafting and vehicle construction more comprehensive, the story more fleshed out, and ecosystems richer and more vibrant”.

No official release date for the game has been set, but the developers have confirmed on the Steam page that Subnautica will be in Early Access for most of 2015 and the game’s price may change sometime down the line. The Early Access version is currently priced at $17.99.

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