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How great would it be to be have a box of delicious snacks delivered to your door every week? Pretty awesome right? Well that is exactly what the Nibblr gives you! For a monthly fee, you can have a pre-portioned box of four different snacks (chosen with your tastes in mind) sent to you every week, every other week or once a month. It is up to you how frequently you want to chow down. After you try the snacks, Nibblr asks you to log onto their website and rate the snacks you tried so they can perfect your snack experience each and every time!




The Nibblr rating system consists of four options: Love It, Like It, Interested and No Thanks.  You choose “Love It” if you really enjoyed the snack and wouldn’t mind getting it again, and soon. “Like It” is more of a neutral ground; you liked what you ate, but if you don’t get it again anytime soon no harm done. “Interested” is a fun option. You choose “Interested on snacks that sound good to you on paper but haven’t yet had the pleasure to try. Finally, “No Thanks” is if you got a snack you didn’t enjoy and wouldn’t want again, or you read a snack’s description and know it’s not for you.



In my box I received: Mango Cardamom Smoothie, 7th Inning Stretch, Quinoa Twist and Dragon Jack.


If you haven’t realized yet, you don’t actually get to choose what snacks you receive. That’s the fun of it! Four tasty surprises in a box every time. Nibblr does base what they send you off your rating system but it’s always random what it could be. Speaking of random, I was able to snag me a box of tasty goodness and try it out for the purposes of this review and let me tell you, I was certainly not expecting the variety of different snacks in my Nibblr box. When you receive your Nibblr box and open it up, this is what you see. A nice, compartmentalized box of pre-portioned snacks ready to eat. The box was fun in appearance and opened right up. It fit nicely in my tiny mail box too. Great packaging.

Mango Cardamom Smoothie

Maca Card Smoothie

Cardamom praline pecans, banana chips, ginger brittle and mangoes snack mix.

Official Description: Mango and bananas – that’s a good start. But throw some ginger and cardamom pecans into the mix? Now that’s the balance of sweet and spice we’ve never had before.
I “Liked” this snack. It was sweet, had a bunch of different textures and flavors and was very fun to dig around and look through. I am just not a big fan of banana chips and ginger. I wouldn’t mind eating it again, just not right away.



7th Inning Stretch

Corn nuts and flax sea salt pretzel pearls snack mix.

Official Description: Dedication and focus demand reward – no matter the task. This mix is packed with savory corn nuts and flax sea salt pretzel pearls. Don’t worry, stretching is optional.
I “No Thanks” this one. It was labeled as “feel good sweets” like the previous snack but all I got out of it was a toothache from all the crunching I had to pull off eating these bad boys. The pretzel sea salt pearls weren’t too bad but I did not like the corn nuts.



Quinoa Twist

Quinoa crusted almonds and mini pretzels snack mix.

Official Description: Busy, hectic day leaving you feeling all twisted up? Well, our quinoa coated salt & pepper almonds and pretzels are happy to do all the twisting for you, so you can find a moment of tasty bliss, free of twisting…and shouting.
I “Liked” this snack. The quinoa crusted almonds were delicious but I felt the pretzels didn’t pair very well with them. Mini pretzels are always tasty though, which is why I rated it how I did.



Dragon Jack

All cheese pepper jack crisps.

Official Description: These won’t turn you into a fire-breather, but beware, these tasty cheese crisps have a good dose of spice, just like the best varieties of pepper jack cheese. We recommend you check out this new way to enjoy cheese! All cheese. All the time.
I had to “No Thanks” this awesomely named snack. It was too crunchy for me and was incredibly spicy. Too spicy for my tastes at least. I don’t want a snack where I feel I need a drink of water every time I take a bite. Nothing against the snack though; my wife loved them. They just weren’t for me.

Empty 2

Can’t wait for my next box!

Despite not getting a snack I would have rated “Love It,” I still greatly enjoyed and cleaned out my Nibblr Box. It was a lot of fun receiving these snacks and I looked forward to trying the different delicacies in my box the whole time.  Now I know that if I were to ever subscribe to Nibblr, I will definitely need to check out and rate the more than 50+ snacks they have available. All their snacks are unique, have a fun name and can easily find home with the right set of taste buds I’m sure. To learn more about Nibblr and all their snacks check out their official website! Subscribe today to discover something different.
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The Nibblr box is a fun, novelty subscription service that delivers various snacks to your door. While there is a variety of different treats you can order, if you’re not a fan of trail mix-like food, Nibblr may not be for you just yet. But if you are a lover of crunchy, salty, sweet and savory snack foods, add a Nibblr subscription to your Christmas list today!