Tropico 5 Waterborne expansion released

Tropico 5, the hilariously tyrannical world building sim, has released its Waterborne expansion. In this sim you are put at the head of an island nation with similarities to Cuba, where you can be as totally totalitarian as you like. Increase taxes and exploit your workforce or try to be a better ruler and give your people a better life; it’s all up to you.

However, instead of being bound to just ruling your people only within the confines of your island, you’ll now be able to extend your influence to the sea. With new gameplay features like water traffic, more and larger coastal areas and new events, even the most well established of tyrants will have to keep their eyes open.

Tropico5_Waterborne_Screenshot (4)

Just one of the many ways you can exploit the new sea territories.

Naturally not all of these new additions must be to solidify your control of the island. Perhaps you’ll find it more beneficial to extract green energy from the ocean, scour the seas for new food for your citizens, or even build luxury housing that floats on the waves of the ocean. Tyrant or inspirational leader, the way to the future (and money, El Presidente, don’t forget that) is yours to find.