REVIEW / Loot Crate (December 2014)


As I mentioned in the last review, December’s Loot Crate was heralded as the biggest one they’ve ever done.  You can check out that post for details, but essentially, Loot Crate is a box of themed geeky things delivered each month. December’s theme is Anniversary, meaning it celebrates pop culture properties that have recently hit milestones.  Needless to say, I was excited to get my hands on it.  Once I wrestled control of the crate from the post office, these were the items I found inside.


Funko Pop Figure – The Joker Batman-Batman


This Loot Crate exclusive was the biggest draw for me, and the biggest item in the box by far.  I have a modest collection of these figures, so I was quite excited to get a new exclusive one.  I rather like this design: it’s either the Joker dressed as Batman or vice versa.  I have no idea if this has any origin in the comics at all, but it’s an entertaining idea.  The painting and molding are both pretty good, as one would expect from Funko.  This thing is worth more than the cost of the box by itself, and its a great addition to my collection, so this crate would be worth it to me even if the rest of it was terrible. And as you will see, that’s quite fortunate.


Groot Socks


These are quite simply socks featuring pictures of baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.  They even say “I Am Groot” on the foot.  I have nothing against novelty socks, and these are pretty comfortable.  However, I never wear shorts or sandals, so for me there is very little point to them.  They’re fun, but I question how much use anyone will really get from them.  I’ll wear them, but unless I intentionally draw attention to them, nobody will see them.


Tetris Stickers


This is a set of multicolor stickers in the shapes of Tetris blocks (Tetriminos for the purists.)  There are quite a lot of them, and they are very high quality.  They come with a design booklet to show you how to make shapes with them, but frankly, that seems to defeat the purpose of having Tetris stickers.  Then again, there are only so many Tetris scenes one can make before it gets dull.  Whatever you plan to do with them, it’s a very nice set, so I won’t complain.


The Simpsons Mighty Wallet


This one is a bit hard to figure out at first.  It’s a paper wallet decorated with Simpsons characters.  Despite being made of paper, it actually works quite well.  It’s thinner than a lot of wallets, of course, at it can survive normal wear and tear.  I’ve actually been using it as my main wallet, and it’s doing the job admirably. This one won’t do much for you if you aren’t a Simpsons fan, but if you are (and you need a wallet) this is a nice inclusion.  It doesn’t look amazing after some use, but as long as it works and doesn’t lose the printing, it’s good enough for me.


Batman Comic


Specifically this is issue 36 of the current Batman comic, and it features a Loot Crate – exclusive variant cover.  It’s a nice cover, and for comic collectors, it’s a great addition.  That said, if you don’t collect comics, or even read this one, you might not find it appealing.  But there are people who care about this as much as I care about the Pop figure, and vice versa. That’s the trick with these subscription boxes: you may not like everything, but there’s enough that everyone will like at least a couple of things (at least if you subscribe to the right one).  Fortunately, this one also comes with the first few issues of a different comic in digital form, so the rest of us get some joy out of it too.

Ghostbusters Door Hanger and Captain America Air Freshener


Another trick is that they will often include cheap junk to inflate the number of items and categories in the box.  When they announced an exclusive Ghostbusters item, I didn’t expect much, but I also didn’t expect something quite this bad.  The only audience for this is young children who like Ghostbusters.  The air freshener actually works quite well, so it has that going for it, but I can’t imagine much demand for it.  There’s something like this in just about every Loot Crate (see last month’s  Ryu headband) but they usually aren’t this bad.  And if you can believe it, this isn’t even the worst part.


Free Trial to Crunchyroll

Getting a free trial to Crunchyroll is about as easy as getting a discount code to Loot Crate, which is to say it’s really easy.  This trial offer isn’t entirely pointless, because it’s for a 30-day trial instead of the typical 14-day, but it’s also not exactly an exclusive deal.  For one thing, there are many ways to get 30 day trials if you do a quick Google search.  For another, since it’s just a URL, anyone can use it.  I won’t post it here, but you can probably guess what it is.

For all the hype about this being the biggest Loot Crate ever, it’s probably about average in quality.  I love the Funko Pop figure, and again that makes it more than worth it to me, but others might not be so happy with the contents.  My guess is that most of the budget for this month went to said Pop figure, so they were left with cheaper things to fill out the crate.  Either way, I still like most of the other items, even if they aren’t that exciting.  If you want to receive January’s crate, you can sign up for $13.37/month at The theme will be “Rewind” and it’s set to include a new t-shirt and an exclusive Star Wars item, among other things.


Awesome, and then average


The Funko Pop figure is an awesome addition, as is the comic if you like that sort of thing. The socks, stickers, and wallet are nice, though nothing to write home about. The door hanger and the air freshener are just there to fill it out. Overall, this is a pretty average box made better by some cool exclusives.