Tropico 5 release confirmed for PlayStation 4

The past installments of Tropico, which is a mixture of a city builder and a political simulator, have only seen a console release on the Xbox 360.  Now it has just been confirmed that the upcoming Tropico 5 will release on PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox 360, Windows and Mac.

Kalypso’s Tropico 5 is a simulator in which the player takes control of El Presidente, who rules over the small republic of Tropic which is located somewhere in the Caribbean.  Tropico gives the player the option to help their people, or act selfishly in their own favor.

The PS4 version of Tropico 5 will be running at full 1080p and will also feature a frame-rate of 30fps and remote-play option for the PlayStation Vita.

There will be a standard version of Tropico 5, as well as a limited special edition which includes “The Big Cheese” DLC and the “Bayo Del Olfato” sandbox map.  There will also be an official Tropican passport and postcard included.  Tropico 5 will cost $59.99 and will be available via retail or digital download from the PlayStation Network.

Tropico 5 is due to release across Europe on April 24th, and in North America on the 28th of April.