Indie game Four Sided Fantasy coming to consoles in 2016

… Because screen limits are so last year.

Introducing Four Sided Fantasy, the Indie puzzle platformer developed by Ludo Land’s Logan Fieth that Curve Digital is bringing to consoles in 2016. Curve Digital is an Indie giant, with a specific goal to bring Indie games to the console market by partnering with developers to release simultaneous console and PC versions. Fieth commented that this means that the developer can focus on “working on the game’s development and puzzles and not need to worry about how to optimize and publish across several completely different platforms,” essentially allowing the developer more time to do what they do best – create.


Creativity is the essence of Four Sided Fantasy, a platformer that does away with the restrictive screen borders of ages past and delves into the world of the infinite. With screen wrapping mechanics, the player must navigate the screen itself, leaving on one side and appearing on the other, to make their way through the surreal levels and solve some apparently tricky puzzles; though it’s easy to see how victory can be incredibly satisfying.

Four Sided Fantasy will hit PC, PS4, XBox 1, Wii U, PS3, and PS Vita early next year.