Mad Catz and Capcom collide to create fighting game controllers for upcoming Street Fighter V

Today, Mad Catz announced a team-up with Capcom to make special fighting game controllers for the upcoming PS4 exclusive fighting game, Street Fighter V. The controllers include FightSticks, FightPads, and fancy schmancy Tournament Edition FightSticks. These controllers are expected to be available in time for the game’s launch.

Oh, I JUST realized that Ryu crossing his arms makes a V!

Oh, I JUST realized that Ryu crossing his arms makes a V!

In addition to making a myriad of controllers for Street Fighter V, Mad Catz will be a “Premier Sponsor” of the Capcom Pro Tour, which is a set of eSports tournaments featuring the latest fighting game title (gamers will be able to watch the fights on Twitch). A three year sponsorship agreement will be in place, making Mad Catz the sole makers of controllers for SFV (because who needs competition?!).

Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz, exclaimed these words of excitement regarding the sexy partnership:

“Street Fighter is the most renowned fighting game franchise in gaming and we’re excited to be part of Street Fighter V, the first title in the series to launch on PlayStation 4. More passionate gamers choose our range of fighting game controllers over any other as they demand quality and precision to help provide a winning edge. We’re confident that our new range will continue to establish Mad Catz as category leaders and prove highly popular to established fighting game players and those new to the series.”

I certainly will pick your controllers over others, Darren, especially since Mad Catz will be the exclusive controller sponsor of SFV (funny how that works). In all seriousness, I’ve always enjoyed my Akuma SFIV FightPad, so I am looking forward to the first images of Mad Catz’s new peripherals.

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