Project CARS gets final release date


Racing fans rejoice! The love child of Slightly Mad Studios and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Project CARS, finally has a solid release date. On May 6th Project CARS will be gracing our PCs via Steam. Not to leave our console comrades out, the game releases to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 12th.


Project CARS aims to deliver the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet.  Crowd-funded by a passionate community that has been involved in the development process from day-one to create their ultimate racing experience, Project CARS includes the largest track roster of any recent racing game, a huge variety of motorsports to play, a freeform and authentic career mode, world-class graphics and handling, dynamic time of day & weather, and a suite of community features and connectivity that leave the competition behind in the dust.


Project CARS covers a wide variety of cars and styles of racing. From super cars to karts, if you want to race it there is a great chance that it is there. Being able to push your favorite cars to the limit without worrying about any real world repercussions is an amazing feeling. Along with having an amazing selection of locations to race one. From Scotland to England, Italy to Germany, there is a plethora of tracks to burn rubber on.


Project CARS provides a number of different ways for you to play: Career, Solo, Online, and Community. With the ability to play solo and create your own Quick Race Weekends, jump into competitive multiplayer against friends or others from around the world, and interact with the community through Community features, your Project CARS career allows you to follow in the footsteps of your racing heroes and forge your own path as a driver with a structured format inspired by real life.


One thing is certain, Project CARS is going to be a beautiful game. With several game modes, and even more cars and tracks to choose from, your racing career is just about to begin. See you on the track.