Evilos custom amiibo exclusive Wizard World Las Vegas


Christopher Avalos, better known as Evilos, is coming to the Wizard World Comic Con which is being held in Las Vegas from April 24th through April 26th. Evilos is an artist with quite the resume, having worked with Sony, Disney, Mattel, Toys ‘R’ us and many other companies in his over 20 year career. For the convention he has created a Mega Man Nintendo Amiibo, which will be given to the winner of the Wizard World Comic Con Super Smash Bros. tournament. By that I’m assuming they mean the latest incarnation of Smash Bros. on the Wii U, and not the N64 original where I rock a mean Kirby (his down-A spike is nasty). The custom Mega Man Amiibo looks absolutely fantastic and we should all be thankful Evilos didn’t use the boxart from the NES original as inspiration.