Just Cause 3 gameplay reveal trailer released


Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have just revealed the first gameplay trailer for Just Cause 3. The open world mayhem in paradise continues as Rico Rodriguez seeks to loosen the villainous General Di Ravello’s iron grip on the island of Medici by blowing up all of his dudes. Those who preorder Just Cause 3 will score the Weaponized Vehicle pack, which is exactly what it sounds like, giving the player access to three armed vehicles that are showcased at the end of the trailer.


Rico’s wingsuit appears to play a prominent role, and the ability to jack a fighter jet mid-flight is all sorts of awesome. Judging from a few shots in the trailer, environments appear to be completely destructible. This is a feature that has been sorely missed in open world games and if properly executed could make destructible environments just as inherent a mechanic to this genre as pressing ‘Y’ to steal a car. Just Cause’s grappling hook also makes a triumphant return, giving the player agency to use it in a variety of creative ways from dragging a vehicle behind another (think wrecking ball) to stringing up enemies (and civilians). These two features will hopefully serve to make Just Cause stand out in the open world action game market dominated by Grand Theft Auto.


The mayhem continues holiday season 2015. Check out the trailer: