Square Enix unveils results of exciting DirectX 12 experimentation

Over 62 million polygons per scene… next generation high definition rendering… free reign of control… and all in real time? That’s exactly what those attending the Microsoft Build Developer Conference were slapped round the face with over the last few days. Square Enix released footage of “Witch Chapter 0 [cry]” in real time as it was manipulated and showed off in all its seamless glory through the DirectX 12 API.


The images unveiled by Square Enix, who have been working with Microsoft to experiment the possibilities of the Windows 10 based generation API, are truly stunning and are perhaps signposting a future of highly detailed graphical excellence.

Though the demo ran on an industrial strength machine, it has been revealed that the results of Square Enix’s experiments are to be incorporated into the Luminous Studio’s engine for further use in game development.

Check out the trailer below to see for yourself.