Magicka 2 “Sneak Peek” to offer pre-launch play

For would-be wizards itching to try out the next chapter of the Magicka series, there’s good news.  Paradox Interactive announced that players who pre-order Magicka 2 on PC or PS4 will be able to play a Sneak Peek version of the game before launch.  These early adopters will also get three extra copies of the Sneak Peek for their friends.

Included are three portions of the game: the Prologue, which sets the stage for the new title and serves as a tutorial; the first mission of the adventure mode, about which little has been revealed; and The Festival, a challenge map wherein players try to rack up kills and earn high scores.  The Sneak Peak will also show off some of the sequel’s features, such as new abilities and the “artifact” system.

Magicka 2 will be released on May 26th for PC and PS4.  Digital pre-orders are now available on the Playstation Store, Steam, and for $14.99.  For the most dedicated mages, a Deluxe Edition is available for $24.99 as well.  In addition to the Sneak Peek, pre-ordering either version will also net players exclusive items for both Magicka 2 and Magicka: Wizard Wars.