Tropico 5 launches into PlayStation 4 Top Ten

Perhaps paralleling the United States’ warming relationship with Cuba, Tropico 5 has become one of the top ten best-selling games on the PS4 for North America in the category of simulation games. Britain, Germany, and Japan have also seen the game climb into the top ten retail sales and Tropico 5 has even made it into the top 3 most downloaded simulation games in Germany and the UK.

Two factors are responsible for this: one being the dearth of quality strategy games on the PS4 and the other being the fact that it’s actually good. Simon Helwig, Global Managing Director of Kalypso Managing Group writes: “We knew that we had a very good product and hoped it would find a positive reception on the PlayStation®4 system. The consumer response went beyond our expectations, and clearly shows the effort involved in providing a quality strategy experience on the PlayStation®4 system has paid off for strategy fans and PS4™ system players with Tropico 5. These are excellent conditions for the home console strategy genre and we look forward to expanding our efforts on the PlayStation®4 system.” Mr. Helwig is surely earning his salary today with the great and prescient foresight of finding success by releasing a quality strategy game for a system that has little to no competition.

The special edition of Tropico 5 is now available in Europe and Export territories which includes a Tropican passport, an island postcard, and the Bayo del Olfato and The Big Cheese DLC packs. The digital download version can be found on the PSN store.


Tropico’s roots as a PC style strategy game are still evident in the gameplay, and it’s nice to see a game that’s a bit brainier than the usual gravelly-voiced-badass-shoots-things fare find success.

As armed thugs, I mean, noble supporters of El Presidente enter my room I close with saying that everyone should buy this game as well as the preceding Tropicos and all of the DLC packs available to show their unbridled love and support for El Presidente.

Because you do love El Presidente.

Don’t you?

¡Viva El Presidente!

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