Blood Brothers 2 Update includes Guilds and Special Events


DeNA released a new update for Blood Brothers 2 today.  One of the most important aspects of the update is the new guild system, which was widely requested by fans of the fantasy role-playing game.  There are also new special events which will be available to players.

The new Blood Brothers 2 Guild System will allow players to either create their own guilds, or join other guilds in-game.  The guild update brings with it a new chat feature which players may utilize to strategize or draw up battle plans.  Guild benefits will include shared masteries, which allows all members of a guild to contribute to collective stat boosts as well as new skills.  For example, a player who joins a guild will be rewarded with every upgrade earned by said guild.  Also, whenever a guild member makes a purchase in-app, every member of the guild will receive a gift.  There will also be new guild specific leaderboards.

The Blood Brothers 2 Special Event updates will include daily bonus stages, daily themed pacts and random rewards.