REVIEW / Etekcity Scroll X1 High Performance Mouse (PC)


Modern PC gaming has been growing at an exponential rate and a lot of that growth has to do with the popularity of many games that require fast-twitch, reactive gameplay.  In order to keep up with the best players that these games will attract, gaming peripherals that are responsive, easy to use and offer programmable setups are a must in order for you to remain competitive.  While gaming equipment like ergonomic keyboards, super-responsive flight sticks and powerful gaming rigs all play an important role in a players gaming setup, the mouse that a gamer chooses is also an important consideration.  Etekcity’s Scroll X1 High Performance Mouse offers all of the necessary features needed for you to remain on top of your game whether it be FPSs or strategy games.  Featuring a cool design to minimize hand fatigue as well as adjustable DPI sensitivity, the Scroll X1 is built to help take your gaming to the next level.




The Scroll X1 High Performance Mouse is a wired USB 2.0/3.0 mouse that features a decently long 5 foot cable and offers a good reach for wherever you want to position the mouse in relation to your USB interface.  In addition, there are seven buttons that are all programmable through the provided special mouse driver software so that you can totally customize how the mouse functions for your playing style.  There is also selectable on-the-fly DPI sensitivity buttons for selecting 800, 1600 or 2400 DPI.  It is contoured to comfortably fit into the hand of any gamer and is ergonomically designed with rubber sides for maximum grip.  The scroll wheel glows a bright red with its rubber grip band while the DPI indicator breathing light (read: slowly pulsates) will glow red, green or blue depending on the selected DPI setting.




The outward design of the mouse is very attractive and has a cool high-tech look to it.  The left and right buttons are made of a comfortable matte plastic that allows for fine grip and just a small amount of pressure is needed to make the click action.  The area that the users palm rests is also done in this same style with the breathing logo right in the center.  There is a shiny plastic strip on both sides of the mouse with the left side being the home of the forward and back buttons.  Where the user would grip the mouse on both sides are soft, rubber grips that keep your thumb and fingers from slipping and add a bit of comfort to holding the mouse.




One of the coolest features of the Scroll X1 has to be its ability to program all seven available buttons to a function that fits how you want to play.  Through the special driver software, buttons can be assigned actions such as double click, scroll click or navigate to a certain web page.  You could have the left button work as the right button or have the DPI buttons operate as page up and page down and assign the DPI functions to the forward and backwards buttons on the side of the mouse. It’s all up to you.  In addition, there is also the ability to program macros so that strings of button presses can be done in just one click of any available button.  You can also save up to three separate profiles so that you can have different setups for different games without having to completely reprogram the mouse every time you jump into a game.




The amount of control that you have over your gaming peripherals, as far as how that peripheral functions, is a critical feature to serious gamers and the Scroll X1 doesn’t stop with just programmable buttons and selectable DPI.  In addition to those features, more advanced settings can be adjusted through the driver software.  In the Advanced Settings menu, you can set the polling rate of the mouse from 125HZ to 250HZ, 500HZ or 1000hz.  You also have the option to fine tune the Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed as well as the Double Click Speed.  Having complete control over every aspect of the mouse is what makes the Scroll X1 such an important tool to have in your gaming arsenal.


While I usually prefer wireless gaming peripherals, I have to admit that I didn’t mind the fact that the Scroll X1 is wired simply because it offers such a long, nylon wrapped cord and I had no problems what-so-ever positioning the mouse while testing it out.  I also liked the cool design that the Scroll X1 sports as it reminds me of the Batmobile for some reason.  The matte black and glossy black finish gives the mouse a cool tech look while offering so much control over how the mouse operates.  Furthermore, the ergonomic design fit perfectly into my huge mitts and the weight is spot on.  You almost can’t even feel that you are pushing the mouse around.  The Scroll X1 is available now on the Etekcity website and on Amazon for less than $15; to be honest, is a great price (it’s SRP is $31.99) for all of the functionality that it offers.


Lots of cool features at a great price


The amount of control that this mouse offers over how it functions is a great feature. Offering three profiles as well as the ability to import and export profiles puts this mouse in the “Must Buy” category.