Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R sees Steam release


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R comes to Steam Tuesday May 26th (today). Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R’s production was delayed numerous times by the game’s developers saying the name of the game out loud. This is the latest revision of Guilty Gear XX and includes balance tweaks, a cast of 25 characters, and ranked online play.

GGXXAC+R Steam (3)

Mission, Survival, and Training modes are all included as well as the M.O.M. mode (which does not feature child rearing but instead stands for Medal of Millionaire) which rewards players for executing combos. A gallery with over 100 illustrations is also included. Purchasing the game on Steam with also net you a digital version of the complete soundtrack by Ishiwatari Daisuke with two dozen songs.

GGXXAC+R Steam (1)

With the release of Guilty Gear on Steam, it’s never been a better time for fighting game fans who game on the PC as their primary platform. Guilty Gear’s developers, Arc System Works, do one thing and they do it well: 2D fighting games with gorgeous anime art. But GG may prove to be too out there to find a wide audience with the West. Aside from wondering how a gear develops a conscious and what it did to make it feel guilty, here are a few key examples of plot points in the series that might polarize Western gamers.

– The hero of the game is named Sol Badguy. Apparently he decided not to be shoehorned by his family surname.
– A.B.A. is a girl who fights using the love of her life, a sentient key axe with stitches over its mouth.
– Zappa (unfortunately not Frank Zappa who would probably be right at home here) is an Australian man who suffers from narcolepsy and being possessed. He seeks a doctor named Faust to cure him of his ailments.

GGXXAC+R Steam (2)

GGXXACPR comes out today, so we’ll see if Steam users embrace its particular brand of madness.