REVIEW / Tower Of Guns (PS4)


The sun is high in the sky, the town is still sleeping, and a huge Tower of Guns is towering over all. What? Backtrack to the part where I mentioned the huge Tower of Guns? Well, if you insist. Tower of Guns is a first person shooter developed by Terrible Posture Games. The idea behind the game is a fairly simple one – survive. Most of your time in game will be spent clearing a room, collecting power ups and money, and then clearing another room.



This game was designed for the “lunch break” gameplay style, meaning that you can pick up and jump in without having to worry about where you were last or what you were trying to accomplish. This type of gameplay can tend to go either way with me. On one hand I love the jump in/ jump out gameplay. On the other hand, I never feel like these kind of games have any depth to them. Why am I at the Tower of Guns? Why is there a giant tower made out of guns in the middle of the seemingly peaceful town to begin with? Why are people allowed to just stroll into this place?




One of the main things that Tower of Guns has going for it is the fact that every experience is randomly generated. No two playthroughs will ever be the same. Everything from the enemies to the power ups and even the bosses are all randomized. With all of the effort that was put into this game, it is hard to believe that this game was created by just one guy. That’s right. Tower of Guns was created by Joe Mirabello. Terrible Posture Games is just one guy. That is incredibly impressive.



Tower of Guns at its very core is a survival game. You must fight your way to the top of the tower using a gun and a perk provided at the beginning of the level. It is a “twitch” based FPS where you have to rely on your quick thinking and your sharp reactions in order to clear the room you are in and move on to the next room. As I progressed through the game, I realized that the enemies weren’t just getting harder, the levels themselves are getting more complex. The rooms are getting bigger and bigger. And my gun is not as powerful as it used to be. By the third level the game becomes less about firing the gun and more about not dying. So many things are coming at you at once and you have to map out the area as you go along. One misstep and you end up falling through the floor of the level.




The graphics in Tower of Guns are a little rough, however they aren’t the main point. The controls work just fine for navigating the ever changing levels that the game presents you with. The game did give me a Doom vibe. However, what really upsets me about Tower of Guns is how empty is feels. In a small way it reminds me of Destiny. There are things everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. You have to always stop yourself from dying, and yet you still manage to feel like nothing is happening. Why am I here? What is stopping me from turning around and walking out of the Tower of Guns. Even if it was small text files that you found while playing, it would have been something to make me feel like what I was doing mattered in some small way.




Tower of Guns feels in every way like a party game. I can imagine myself, with my friends, sitting around my TV and seeing how far each of us can go without dying. However, I could not see myself coming back to this game very often. I can see the potential Tower of Guns possesses, and I would love to see more from this publisher in the future. If you are craving the feel of an old school style shooter, than Tower of Guns is right up your alley. If you were looking for something with a little more depth I would look elsewhere.


Simple Yet Satisfying
  • 5/10
    Graphics - 5/10
  • 7/10
    Gameplay - 7/10
  • 5/10
    Story - 5/10


+ High Replay Value
+ Solid Controls
– No Story
– Simplistic Gunplay
– Feels Empty