Konami back on track for console and PC development

Just a couple of weeks ago, Hideki Hayakawa (acting president of Konami Digital Entertainment) spoke of how the company was gearing its focus on mobile platforms in an interview. The gaming world squirmed under the impression that this meant the company’s abandonment of its console and PC development. After Hayakawa supposedly dropped the line “our main platform will be mobile” earlier this month, street riots and a mass gaming exodus occurred (well not quite, but it’s safe to say fans were pretty ticked off).


Hideki Hayakawa

Since then, reports have surfaced indicating that the misinformation was the result of a breakdown in translation. Konami have calmed fans with soothing promises of ongoing dedication to the Silent Hill series and have apologized for any anxiety they may have caused.

So don’t worry guys we’ll hopefully be seeing more of Solid Snake in the future.