New SMITE God: Ratatoskr, the Sly Messenger


Ratatoskr, the Sly Messenger, is the newest God to be released in SMITE. He is a highly mobile, hit-and-run style assassin with insane amounts of burst damage. He is also a freaking SQUIRREL! You read that right, a squirrel. A Norse squirrel to be exact who lives in Yggdrasil, an immense tree residing in the center of the Norse cosmos connecting the nine worlds.


Ratatoskr’s Default Skin

Flurry Ratatoskr_Card

Ratatoskr’s Recolor Skin













Do not let his furry good looks mislead you though. Ratatoskr is an incredibly dangerous assassin class god when used properly. He also has a pretty smart mouth and delivers plenty of backhanded compliments in game. But do not take my word for it. Check out his abilities and all the carnage he is capable of in his God Reveal trailer below.



Terrifying right? His Acorn upgrades give him a plethora of playstyle options too. I personally like to play him tanky by giving him a Runeforge Hammer and a Shifter Shield, while upgrading to the Topaz Acorn which allows me to stun any target I dash through twice.

Here is a detailed description of his abilities:

Acorn of Yggdrasil – Passive

  • Ratatoskr spawns with a powerful acorn from the World Tree in his inventory. He can upgrade this acorn through the item store from anywhere on the map to strengthen himself and enhance his abilities



  • Ratatoskr dashes in the target direction, dealing 70/100/130/160/190 (+40% of your Physical Power) damage to all enemies along the way. If Ratatoskr strikes an enemy god he has not struck with Dart in the last 10s, the cooldown is reset.


  Flurry of Acorns

  • Ratatoskr spins, shooting 12 acorns out in a circle around Ratatoskr that freeze in air briefly then return to wherever Ratatoskr is currently, dealing 10/14/18/22/26 (+15% of your Physical Power) damage on the way out and the way back.


Acorn Blast

  • Ratatoskr shoots a blast of four acorns forward in a cone, each dealing 30/40/50/60/70 (+25% of your Physical Power) damage.


Through the Cosmos

  • Ratatoskr charges briefly then leaps from the ground to a branch above his head. He then jumps to a new branch twice more. On the third branch, Ratatoskr chooses a landing locating where he strikes down dealing 250/330/410/490/570 (+100% of your Physical Power) damage.


To learn more about Ratatoskr, his nuts, lore and more then please scurry (cwutididthar) on over to his official promo page.

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