Skylanders SuperChargers adds vehicles to the mix

Skylanders SuperChargers, the next game in the perennial toys-to-life series, was officially announced today by Activision.  This installment will add three different types of vehicles to the collection of interactive toys: land vehicles, aquatic vehicles, and air vehicles.  20 vehicles in total will be released for Skylanders SuperChargers, along with 20 new character figures.  That means there will be 2 vehicles and 2 characters for each of the game’s elements.  Some of these will be brand new characters, and others will be returning heroes with brand new weapons and skills.  Naturally, figures from previous titles will be supported, but the traps from Skylanders Trap Team will only unlock new stones for the Skystones minigame.  Both the characters and the vehicles will be fully customizable in game, and pairing a character with his or her signature vehicle will unlock new abilities for both.  The rest of the gameplay will remain pretty close to that in Skylanders Trap Team, except with new vehicle sections added.  Each type of vehicle can be used for a variety of missions; for example, an air vehicle may be used for a race or a shoot-em-up.


The toys themselves are getting some changes this time as well.  For the characters, the bases appear to be completely different.  The vehicles, for the first time in the series, will have action features to allow for play outside of the video games.  There’s also a brand new Portal to use with the game, but for the first time since 2012’s Skylanders Giants, older portals will work as well.

The Starter Pack, and a less expensive Portal Owner’s Pack as seen with Skylanders Giants, will be available on September 20th for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, iPad, and Wii U in North America.  They’ll be available on September 24th for Australia and New Zealand, and September 25th in Europe.  The Starter Pack will retail for $74.99 and include the Supershot Stealth Elf and Spitfire character figures, the Hot Streak vehicle figure, and the new Portal of Power in addition to the game.  A separate version will also be made available for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii, but no other details have been released.  There’s also no word on Android tablets, which the last game supported.