First inductees announced for World Video Game Hall of Fame

After allowing gamers to nominate their favorites in February and March, The Strong museum in New York has revealed the first honorees of its new Wold Video Game Hall of Fame.  Games were selected based on their impact on the genre, their relevance in pop culture, and their international appeal.  The selected titles are: Pong, Pac-Man, Tetris, Super Mario Bros., Doom, and World of Warcraft.  These games vary significantly in age, hardware, and nation of origin; they are meant to represent gaming for the whole world, and for its entire history.  Other games that made it to the final round of decision making include Angry Birds, EA’s Fifa series, The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, The Oregon Trail, Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Sims, and Space Invaders.  Fans of these titles and others can start nominating games for the class of 2016 already by visiting the Hall of Fame’s website.

mario group

The selected games will be on display at the museum, along with a few pieces of memorabilia.  Super Mario Bros., for example, will be displayed with a plush figure of the iconic plumber/hero and some Mario-themed hanafuda cards.  For now, it isn’t clear whether the games will be playable at the Hall of Fame.  With all of the hardware and software that the museum has gathered for its International Center for the History of Electronic Games, though, interactive displays seem likely.