Natsume reveal lineup for E3 2015

Nintendo favourite Natsume have released details of this year’s E3 lineup, so what exactly will be hitting booth 615 in the South Hall of the world’s largest gaming expo? Natsume have covered their bases this year in terms of genre and content, as well as console. With a steady mix of Wii U and 3DS games on display, the developers are keen not to leave anyone out, and their releases show a good range from the well known gentle RPG Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories to the more niche developments of Gotcha Racing and Brave Tank Hero.


Harvest Moon is the ringleader of the pack. Players are entrusted with the task of befriending villagers in town in order to unlock “Seeds of Memories”. Though it’s not yet clear how these seeds will further plot or gameplay, they do seem to be fairly important what with their titular emphasis. Nevertheless, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories looks set to be a worthy installment in the series. With an exciting mix of traditional Harvest Moon gameplay mechanics and new features for the farm, players can cook, fish, forage, and mine on the big screen on Wii U for the first time, as well as on Steam, iOS, and Android.


Meanwhile, Natsume are also showing off a Wii U version of their popular iOS side scroller Ninja Strike. Various pathways of Ninja-dom are waiting to be negotiated as you decide which skill sets to pursue using hard-earned coins. It will be interesting to see whether or not Ninja Strike falls into the growing pit of iOS ports that simply haven’t provided anything new to reflect their inflated price tag.

Then we have Gotcha Racing on 3DS, and Brave Tank Hero on 3DS and Wii U. Natsume has teamed up with Arc System Works to bring out the two new titles, with individual takes on their respective genres. Gotcha Racing is a classic racer, but using the dual screens of the 3DS allows more emphasis on the process of upgrading your car via parts available from “capsule machines”. Whereas Brave Tank Hero drops you in the middle of conflict in Paradise City after its invasion. Upgrade your tank and weaponry as you advance through missions and enemy types and plan tactical advances of stealth and force.