Crowntakers’ Undead Undertakings DLC out now

Crowntakers, the tactical RPG, is releasing its first major DLC expansion.  The DLC, titled ‘Undead Undertakings,’ is being released through Kasedo Games and Bulwark Studios.  Crowntakers’ ‘Undead Undertakings’ brings players into the Necropolis.  There, players will take on a number of undead creatures including skeletons, vampires, and zombies in an attempt to lead mercenaries back into the light of day.


Crowntakers’ ‘Undead Undertakings’ also includes a new mercenary named Malda the Druid.  This mercenary will allow the player to deal a large amount of damage by sacrificing health.  Malda can also absorb attacks in order to regain health.  Existing mercenaries are also given new personal quests.


Along with 12 special items that can enhance mercenaries with abilities, and with 15 new achievements and a new boss, Crowntakers’ ‘Undead Undertakings’ delivers a new and unique experience to an already well-liked RPG.  ‘Undead Undertakings’ is available on PC, Mac and SteamOS for $3.99.