Super Smash Bros. Pre-E3 video released; so much sexy information unveiled

Nintendo just released a new video for Super Smash Bros. that contains a metric buttload of information. Take a look:

Done watching? Good; there is a lot to take in. Here are a few highlights:

-Roy returns from Melee and looks to be even more powerful than before.

-Lucas returns from Brawl and seems to be stronger than Ness still.

-Ryu from the Street Fighter series makes his debut! He has moves from many of his games, including Focus Attacks from SFIV, and his mainstays, like the Hadoken and Shoryuken, can be powered up by inputting the commands from the original games (like quarter circle forward and A for the Hadoken, for example)! He also has two Final Smashes, and they change depending on how far away he is from an opponent.

-Characters are $5 each for use in both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros., with Ryu costing $7 for use in both games and for his Street Fighter II-themed stage.

-More Mii costumes are available, including Splatoon, Virtua Fighter, and Tekken variations ($1.15 each)!

-A Miiverse stage is available for free, and your Miiverse posts will show up in the background.

-Dream Land 64 returns, with more stages from the original N64 on their way ($3 each for use in both games).

-More amiibos are due to come out, with every fighter from Smash eventually represented.

-YouTube uploads of matches.

There is a lot more, so please watch the whole video above for more information. Oh, the best part? Almost all of this DLC is available to download RIGHT NOW. Good luck with those servers, though!

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