Street Fighter V: Here comes two new challengers!

The spirit of Great Britain returns to the battleground as Cammy and Birdie are revealed as the latest additions to the Street Fighter V roster.

Cammy is a beloved series mainstay, and brings her famous knuckle-spinning, cannon-drilling assassination skillz back into the ring. Joining her is monstrous punk Birdie, who first debuted in the original Street Fighter, and hasn’t been seen since Alpha 3. Cammy and Birdie are the latest additions to the SFV lineup, which currently includes Ryu, Chun-Li, Charlie Nash and everyone’s favorite insane dictator, M. Bison.

Alongside this announcement, Capcom have revealed plans for the game’s Beta program. The Beta will be automatically open to North American PS4 players (provided they have pre-ordered the game). The Beta will run for five days only: July 23-28th. So make sure you get involved and get those dang one-frame links down. European and Asia players should visit the official Street Fighter website for more information on how they can get in on the action.

Street Fighter V will be released in Spring 2016 for PS4 and PC.