Electronic Arts announced physics platformer Unravel

In what may have been the most adorable presentation of E3, Electronic Arts and Coldwood have announced their newest game, a physics platformer called Unravel.


In Unravel, players take control of Yarny, a small humanoid being composed of a single length of red yarn. Yarny must travel through the environment of Scandanavia, utilizing his yarn to overcome obstacles ranging from a level of difficulties, from swinging over gaps to rappelling down trees.

But, first and foremost to Unravel is the story behind it. While not much has been revealed, the game’s plot is central to its design. According to creative director Martin Sahlin, Yarny’s red string is a representation of “love, and the bonds between people.” Players will get to see a story of longing and love play out as Yarny’s journey unfolds.


Unravel is currently being developed for release on PC via Origin, PS4, and Xbox One. Until then, follow the game on twitter (@unravel_game) and watch the trailer below!