Shadow Warrior 2 video brings doom and bloom

It’s not everyday a press release begins with “Who’s ready for more Wang?” but hell, it got my attention.

Devolver Digital have released a video featuring 15 minutes of gameplay from their upcoming FPS Shadow Warrior 2. Showcasing some of the sequel’s new features, we get to see the game’s new stealth elements, genuinely lovely lighting mechanics, and experience a much more free-roaming approach to the maps, with more verticality and some ninja-pleasing rooftop running.

The game sees the return of featured protagonist Lo Wang as he shoots and slices his way through a myriad of demons, attempting to rectify his mild faux pas of merging his world with the corrupted Shadow Realm. Wang’s journey will also be replete with his explicit action-movie dialogue, which has become a series trademark.

Are you ready for more Wang? Find out when Shadow Warrior 2 launches on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.