Batman: Arkham Knight PC on pause

After the onslaught of bad press surrounding Batman: Arkham Knight‘s PC port earlier this week, Warner Bros. have released a statement on the game’s forum. It explains to fans that the game’s sales have been suspended following complaints of poor performance while they work to “address these issues”. Full refunds have been offered but no word yet about when we will see this “updated version” of Arkham Knight.

The whole situation has shaken the PC world slightly, with dejected fans pondering why they were delivered a sub-par PC port in the first place. With Arkham being such a massively popular franchise, and especially with the steady increases in game prices, gamers are looking for someone to blame. Some are taking Warner Bros.’ statement as an admission of guilt, whereas some are looking deeper as rumours emerge that external studio Iron Galaxy was responsible. It seems that the root of this problem is the fact that the PC port wasn’t developed alongside the console version, which was headed by developer Rocksteady, however this is yet to be confirmed.

Whatever the reason, disheartened fans can claim some compensation in the knowledge that Batman: Arkham Knight 2.0 is on its way, they just have to wait while the devs finish their second drafts.

You can read the full statement from Warner Bros. here.