Roving Rogue to be released July 2nd

Padaone Games has announced that their latest game, Roving Rogue, will become available on the Wii U starting July 2nd.


Roving Rogue


Roving Rogue is an upcoming platforming game in which up to four players are trying to escape a castle after successfully defeating the final boss. Herein lies the problem for the protagonist, and the basis for the game: why did he embark on this quest in the first place? As you make your way out, the story will slowly unfold from end to beginning, revealing what drove our hero to the castle in the first place.

What makes Roving Rogue unique is the ability to teleport. It’s limited to only a few meters, but it’s enough to pass through walls, jump enemies from behind, and a variety of other neat little tricks. Plus, there’s over 40 levels scattered within 6 distinct zones, which is more than enough to keep anyone entertained for a good amount of time.




The game also features collectibles in each level for those of you who are more OCD inclined like myself, and provides a variety of challenges for the player, too: outrunning lava and dark levels in each zone, for example.

Be sure to check Roving Rogue once it’s out next Thursday for $7.99, and until then satiate your thirst by watching the announcement video below: