Does Mortal Kombat’s Tremor move the earth for you?

You remember Mortal Kombat character Tremor, right? He was in that Special Forces game on the Playstation…

Well, he’s coming to Mortal Kombat X soon, as the fourth DLC character attached to the game’s Kombat Pack. A trailer was revealed during this weekend’s EVO tournament showing him in action. A hulking brute, Tremor is a member of Kano’s Black Dragon syndicate and, commanding the power of the earth, can use the ground itself to pound his unfortunate opponent into jelly.

Also announced was a free DLC pack that will add Klassic Fatalities for Kitana, Mileena, Kung Lao and Jax. Tremor’s release completes the character select screen for Mortal Kombat X. There has been no word on the possibility of future character additions, but given the success and popularity of the game thus far, it will be interesting to see whether NetherRealm Studios has plans to expand. I hope they do, because I won’t be satisfied until Sindel shows up.

Tremor will be available exclusively for Kombat Pack owners on July 21, and will be available for everyone else a week later.