Street Fighter V: New challenger & details

During the USFIV finals at this weekend’s EVO championship, Capcom unveiled an all-new character, who will make his presence (and masses upon masses of red hair) felt in the upcoming Street Fighter V.

Necalli is a brutal looking warrior, with what appears to be Aztec overtones. Necalli’s fighting style, displayed in a new trailer, appears to feature a wealth of heavy strikes and command grabs, not dissimilar to SFIV‘s Abel. Necalli is also blessed with a terrible head of red hair, which goes, frankly, batshit once he activates his V-Trigger. Sucks to be Ken.

Necalli is the first of four all-new characters to be revealed. It was also announced over the weekend that the game will start with a 16 character roster, but that Capcom will constantly “evolve” the game, adding new characters, stages, costumes and balance changes throughout its life.

Interestingly, Capcom also stated that these future additions to the game will be available as free unlocks that are earned through playing. The unlocks will also be available to purchase outright via “Zenny” which is SFV‘s form of real-life currency, akin to Itchy & Scratchy money, I guess.

Street Fighter V is coming to PS4 and PC in Spring 2016. A PS4 Beta launches later this week.