Deadpool re-releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Deadpool getting re-released on PS4 and Xbox One

Attention current-gen console owners: Deadpool will be at your service this fall! Just make sure you pay up…


It’s happenning! Activision and Marvel Entertainment have announced that they’ll be bringing your favorite soldier of fortune to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this November. Deadpool was first published by Activision and was developed by High Moon Studios. In June 2013, it was released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and has received positive feedback regarding the humor, narrative, as well as the character representation of Deadpool (voiced by Nolan North). Deadpool also features other Marvel characters in-game such as The X-Men’s Wolverine, Domino, Rogue, and Psylocke.


Deadpool will be coming to North America on November 17th, 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One

Deadpool will be coming this November to PS4 and Xbox One


The critically-acclaimed M-rated third-person shooter will be re-released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can definitely expect it with all its unassailable Deadpool-ness: the guns, katanas, teleportation, innuendos, C4 and, not to mention, the ladies. Downloadable content from the original Deadpool will also be available on the upcoming edition for current-gen consoles – including the “Inside the Tower” and “GRT Plaza” challenge maps. You’ll also be able to play Infinite Mode, where you take on unending waves of baddies and slaughter them – within zero time limit. In that mode, you can help the Marvel mercenary show off his guns (both literally and figuratively) in the Uncanny X-Force and D-Pooly costumes.

Deadpool for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be available in North America on November 17th, 2015. Both physical and digital copies will be obtainable for $49.99. For more Fourth Wall breaking by the one and only Wade Wilson, check this out!