YouTube, Twitter, and Cloud Storage: Sony’s plans for the PS4 3.00 update


With the previous update now reaching the ripe old age of almost 2 months, Sony has decided to tease the public with some features set to come in the future. Though they haven’t revealed much in the way of launch dates, they have exposed a neat set of features to be trialled in the beta launch.

Perhaps the most attention-grabbing is the greater accessibility to social media, including the new YouTube live function. Allowing players to live stream their gameplay directly from their consoles will definitely go down well in the gaming community, much to Jimmy Kimmel’s disgust obviously… With no simple YouTube live streaming arrangements in place within the Xbox console, it looks like this feature, coupled with the new ability to share roughly 10 seconds of footage directly to Twitter, will be a total win for Sony’s console battlefront. With the industry turning more and more to its consumers to create entertaining content, and the launch of YouTube’s ‘YouTube Gaming’ extension site, Sony bosses haven’t missed a trick. Similarly, the new “request to watch gameplay” feature will allow players to ask their friends if they can watch their gameplay in real time.


The Events section of the update will sink or swim. Essentially a notice board of in-game events such as promotions, seasonal changes, or specific in-game activities, this feature is a classic ‘let’s be social’ Sony move. If it does as it promises, and provides gamers with reminders of cool, in-game activities, meet ups, or quests then it’ll be a neat little addition. However if the 3DS message board is anything to go on, then be prepared for the great inbox spamming of 2K15 as your extra cloud storage is clogged with endless advertisements, guilt-trips from games you haven’t picked up in a while, and system messages.
What was that? Extra cloud storage? Yes oh inquisitive reader, the poster child of the 3.00 PS4 update is a capacity update from 1gb to 10gb of online storage for all PS Plus members. If you’re not a PS Plus member, you can still benefit from the handy usage meter application so you can look at how much of your 1gb you have left, and wish you had enough money to become a PS Plus member.

The new Communities section might be a great place to hang out with some PS Plus members however, as it will allow PS4 players to create communities based on shared interests and play history. You can also view what your friends are doing at a glance, and jump straight into whatever parties might be going down.

Information from PlayStation Blog