REVIEW / Evoland 2 (PC)



As someone with the very serious disorder of videogame ADD, I can only play a videogame for so long until I get bored and want to play something else. I have been this way my whole life. Maybe some of you have this disorder as well. Well I am here today to tell that Evoland 2 is the cure.



Words can literally not describe how phenomenal and exceedingly fun Evoland 2 is. That is why I had to share the trailer right away. Playing through the “history of videogames” as described in the trailer only scratches the surface of what this game contains.


evoland 11


Players travel through time, from 50 years into the past to 50 years in the future into this war torn land the characters call home. You eventually recruit allies from each era to take with you on your travels. Each character you recruit (there are 3) comes with their own unique, upgradable power which can help you in and out of combat.


evoland 10


Evoland 2 is no Chrono Trigger though. As players travel through the streams of time, Evoland 2’s graphics will adjust to the time period. In “present day,” the graphics are a pleasant 32-bit – think Game Boy Advance. In the “past,” the graphics become very grainy and pixelated – think original NES. And in the “future,” the graphics take a huge jump and become highly detailed and 3D – think Gamecube.


evoland 1

From left to right: Past, Present, Future.


The changing graphics and the time traveling are all well and good, but they’re not what make this game so unique. What makes Evoland 2 special is how it seamlessly transitions players through almost every genre of game that ever was or ever will be. Players of Evoland 2 will experience the following video game genres and tropes:

  • Bullet Hells
  • Platform Adventures
  • Racing
  • Dungeon Crawling
  • Sailing
  • Giant Talking Trees
  • Bomberman
  • Card Battles
  • Tactical Combat
  • Classic Arcade Games
  • Bejeweled
  • Street Fighter
  • Active Time Battles
  • Airships
  • Super Saiyans
  • DDR (You read that right….DDR!)
  • Dozens of gaming easter eggs and references

And I haven’t even beaten the game yet!


evoland 4


Speaking of not beating the game, I tried. Believe me. This game has length. I think I’ve logged close to 30 hours already and I just recently hit what I believe to be that halfway mark. I love it.  One of the downfalls of the previous Evoland, while great in concept, was that players were very upset with how short it was.

In terms of story, it’s actually hard to describe. You essentially travel through the ages trying to fix the wrongs and travesties that occurred in the world you live in. There has been war, the mass genocide of a people and a Great Disaster all within 100 years of each other.


evoland 13


You play as a hero shrouded in mystery who has no memories of his past or who he is. It’s a little cliché, I know, but stick with me. While other people are unable to change their fate, bound to live their life according to their destiny, you are not.

You are found lying in a forest unconscious. After you recover you actually end up traveling through time completely by accident. You meet friends along the way and collectively decide to try and change history for the better, together. You work towards bettering history a multitude ways: exploring dungeons, ruins and various locations in different time periods. Throughout your journey you will level-up stats, collect various key objects, equipment and other items to help you along the way and strengthen your party. There are also several side quests, challenging mini-games and hidden treasure that can be found as well. Those are always fun to come across.


evoland 5


If you have been looking for that “next great gaming experience,” look no further than Evoland 2. An RPG at heart, Evoland 2 will be unlike any game you have ever played. I cannot praise this game enough. It retails for $20 but I would have gladly paid twice that. Get it soon. Play it sooner. Love it forever.

Game on.


  • 10/10
    Gameplay - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Plot - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Design - 10/10


Evoland 2 is one of the greatest, most inventive games I have ever played. You won’t find another like it on the market. Evoland 2 allows you to experience almost every type of game imaginable! I enjoyed it so much so that I am almost at a loss for words describing it. You have to experience it for yourself.

Get this game right away.