The Legend of Legacy demo will feature the game’s final three characters


ATLUS has announced that a demo for their new RPG game for 3DS, The Legend of Legacy, will be available for free download on the Nintendo eStore in just a few weeks.


The demo will give players a chance to experience not only the prologue to the game, but also the chance to fight through the first two dungeons, making this demo well worth the money that it doesn’t cost. This is the perfect chance to get in some dungeon-crawling action before deciding whether or not to buy the full game when it comes out October 13th. The best part is that this demo won’t be like others that make you put in hours of work only to have to repeat all the lengthy introductions and tutorials when you get the full game: The Legend of Legacy‘s demo will offer a feature to transfer a demo save to the full game, saving you from some exhausting déjà vu.

As if this weren’t big enough news for expectant fans, ATLUS also revealed the identities of The Legend of Legacy‘s last three main characters that players can choose from. These new characters bring the grand total to seven characters, each with their own unique skills and backgrounds. The player chooses one character to play as and build a party out of three of the remaining characters. Seven different characters to choose from means seven times the game!

Here’s the newest members to The Legend of Legacy‘s already interesting cast of characters:

Owen: A mercenary whose skill in battle has earned him the nickname of “The Baron”. Owen hacks and slashes his way through enemy lines with big swords and sharp axes.

Eloise: This beautiful and fierce alchemist is on that timeless search for the secret to eternal youth. Along the way she’s going to use her power over the elements to help her.

Filmia: AN ADORABLE SPEAR-WIELDING FROG PRINCE! Really that’s all you need to know about Filmia. This little heir hops his way across Avalon searching out a new home for his frog-citizens back at home.

Owen, Eloise, and Filmia will join Liber (a treasure hunter), Garnet (a templar), Meurs (who fights alongside spirits), and Bianca (who remembers nothing of her past) on their adventure across the mysterious island of Avalon, each driven to the island for their own reasons.

See screenshots of the game and meet the rest of the characters at The Legend of Legacy‘s official website before downloading the demo September 22nd.