Activision announces three console games for Apple TV


Earlier this week, Apple announced the new and improved Apple TV set top box, designed to be used for gaming in addition to media. To that end, Activision has announced that it’s bringing three of its console titles to the device this year: Guitar Hero Live, Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved, and Skylanders Superchargers.  These will be the full versions of the games, though exact details are as yet unknown.

Guitar Hero and Skylanders will be coming to other Apple devices as well.  The Apple TV will support a Bluetooth guitar controller for Guitar Hero, and all compatible devices will support a Bluetooth “Portal of Power” for Skylanders. Last year’s Skylanders Trap Team was made available for the iPad as well, and the Portal from that game will work here as well.  Notably, the Apple TV will come with a remote that can also be used for gaming, though it’s likely that Skylanders and Geometry Wars will work better with a more typical Bluetooth controller.

The new Apple TV will launch in October. A 32 GB version will cost $149, while the 64 GB will go for $199. No release dates have been given for the Apple TV versions of these games, but Guitar Hero Live is set to launch for consoles on October 20th.  Geometry Wars is already available on other devices, and Skylanders is set to release ahead of the Apple TV on September 20th.