Rashid breezes into Street Fighter V roster


It’s getting pretty cramped in the initial roster for Capcom’s upcoming Street Fighter V, and this week saw the announcement of the game’s second all-new member of the legendary Street Fighter universe. Rashid was recently revealed at Dubai’s Game 15 event by series producer Yoshinori Ono, where a playable demo of the game, featuring the entire revealed roster to date, was made available for the lucky attendees.

Rashid is a fighter from the Middle East, and has a moveset based around harnessing the desert winds. Rashid is also an advocate of sophisticated technology, and appears to incorporate these gadgets into his high-flying, parkour-inspired offence. Maybe this new warrior should hook up with C. Viper for a tech exchange?


Looking at his reveal trailer, instant comparisons can be made with SF stars El Fuerte and Adon, and players who favour darting, wall bouncing characters may find Rashid to be right up their alley. The initial roster of characters is approaching full capacity now, though Capcom assures us that many more regulars will be showing up to the rumble post-release.

Street Fighter V will be available for PC and PS4 in March 2016.