Inside My Radio will bring the beats to Xbox One


Turn your plain old Xbox One into a bumping boombox with Seaven Studio’s rhythmic platformer, Inside My Radio. This groovy game, which first dropped in July on Steam, will be making its console debut September 18th.

Slip and slide through the tracks of a dying boom box in this colorful game which is sure to have you bobbing your head the whole way through. Playing as a green LED navigating his way through the sound waves of electro, dub, and good old disco, players must jump, dash and slam to the beat of the music. The obstacles in each level keep time too and operate in sync with the background beats.

Of course, words alone could never capture the musical experience this game presents in the same way the trailer does.

For those out there who are musically-minded, Inside My Radio even gives players the chance to make their own music that will play in the background and affect each level.

Inside My Radio's Mixing Table

Inside My Radio‘s mixing table lets you make some sweet music of your own.

Plug your headphones in or blast this game for the world to hear. Either way, be sure to let the music guide you through Inside My Radio. For more screenshots and videos, check out the game’s official website.