Secret Destiny mission earns The Black Spindle


The Black Spindle, exotic sniper rifle found in The Taken King

The Taken King, the most recent expansion for Destiny, was released on September 15. It was an immediate and immense success, its popularity meaning it broke all previous Playstation download records. Now, one player has discovered a secret mission within the DLC which, if completed correctly, yields an exotic sniper rifle – The Black Spindle. According to reddit user TackiestTaco, this secret Destiny mission was discovered by accident.

The mission is found in the Daily Heroic Story “Lost to Light”, and the reward is the The Black Spindle, which is apparently is meant to resemble a Year Two version of the Black Hammer, with baseline attack level of 310. The mission takes place in The Ocean of Storms, on the Moon. The mission involves returning to The Chamber of Night and finding a shard of the crystal which once held Crota’s soul. Along the way, there is side-quest in which players must clear the ketch of powerful enemies within 10 minutes, after which players are rewarded with The Black Spindle. As TackiestTaco demonstrates in his video, this is no easy task:

The secret area is found past the third door of the escape route in the “Lost to Light” mission. Once you find the Fallen ketch, your ghost should direct you towards the source of a Fallen transmission. There, you will have to kill every enemy in your way, most notably the Ultra Taken Captain “Driviks, The Chosen”. It’s advisable to bring a fireteam for this one.