Upcoming: Mushroom 11


Imagine a puzzle-platformer where you don’t actually control the main character, just a tool to create, shape and destroy it – well done, you’re about halfway to imagining Mushroom 11, the upcoming indie puzzle/platform/digital-pruning experience from husband and wife development team, Untame.


I’m a massive fan of indie games because so often they’re willing to experiment. Who wouldn’t want to experiment with a big green biomass? Be honest, everybody loves to force a huge bulging mass of green splurge through tight passages and crevices to shoot out onto the surface of a desolate landscape, right? Okay, maybe that’s just me. But no, wait; it isn’t just me, because this indie game’s creative appeal has already – even before release – won numerous awards in Tokyo and at SXSW, garnering very positive feedback from the industry.


Mushroom 11 doesn’t just imagine a new character concept and stop there however; there’s also a beautifully dark and atmospheric environment to navigate. The canvas-like backdrops almost evoke the feeling you’re watching a theatre scene – there is a fabulously eerie and dark landscape that fits perfectly with the odd theme. Even better is the ambient-electronic soundtrack provided by veterans The Future Sound of London (who have featured on such legendary franchises as Mortal Kombat and WipEout), providing a slow pulsating need to push your amoeba-like being and narrative forward.


So, Mushroom 11 offers an intriguing and novel approach to the puzzle/platformer that you almost certainly should try. But if you’re adamant it’s not for you, buy it anyway, or at the very least, get some Shitake – upon release it will be National Mushroom Day, after all.

Mushroom 11 for PC, Mac, and Linux will sell for $14.99 on Steam and GOG, and release October 15th. A mobile version will follow in 2016. More game details can be found here: http://mushroom11.com/