Deck the halls this winter in these retro Christmas sweaters


Halloween may be just around the corner, but before you know it, it’s going to be November 1st and you’re going to be sitting on your couch burying yourself in wrappers from left-over candy. To help get you through that post-spooky slump, will be releasing a series of Christmas sweaters inspired by some familiar titles., an online store for retro gaming merchandise, has teamed up with designers at Numskull to create a line of Christmas sweaters even cooler than your grandma’s snowman sweater that has that stain from ’86. These sweaters are sure keep you warm outside and ignite the fire of fond nostalgia from the inside. The collection will feature the following fan classics:

    • Fallout
    • Star Wars
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • PlayStation 1
    • Street Fighter

The sweaters will be released over the next few weeks and will come in sizes from XS to XXXL. So once you’ve packed up this year’s Halloween costume, head over and pre-order next season’s holiday outfit from