DiRT Rally adds Finland stages, new cars


Yesterday, Codemasters announced that they’ve added some new content to their racing game DiRT Rally, currently in Steam Early Access. The biggest update is the inclusion of the new Finland location, which includes what the developer calls the fastest stages in the game.  The update also includes two rally cars from 2001, the Subaru Impreza and Ford Focus RS Rally, along with a handful of other features and updates.  You can see the stages and the cars in action in the trailer above.  Codemasters promises that more content is on the way in the coming months.  As expected, the new content looks great, and is free for anyone who has purchased the game in Early Access.

If you want more information about DiRT Rally, check out our preview, in which I called it “a game for rally enthusiasts.”  It’s currently available on Steam for the price of $49.99.